Veronika Rose artwork in the next CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture 2018.

My painting, “Mareacion,” will be in the next Journal of Visionary Culture scheduled to be released in Spring of 2018. Stay tuned! .

Visionary Goddess Retreat 2018

We are so thrilled to host the 3rd annual Visionary Goddess retreat at the Hostel in the Forest, April 26-29th 2018.

Join us in celebrating the sacred divine feminine and art as a spiritual practice- with three days of visionary art workshops, sacred sweat lodge and meditation/healing activities.

For creative women and feminine spirits.
No art experience necessary.

Your stay includes;
*Accomodations include-Lodging of three nights and three days in a bunkhouse  in 133 acres of lush Forest.
*Two delicious vegetarian meals per day prepared by a holistic chef. (Brunch and Dinner)
*Access to all art classes/workshops.
*Basic art supplies- Canvas, easel, work space, limited paint and drawing supplies. (Please bring your personal paint/art supplies)
*Participation in sweat lodge.
*Access to Hostel space and amenities: outdoor showers, glasshouse, private lake access, swimming pool, hiking trails, walking labyrinth, and library.

*Beginning Acrylics and Techniques with Veronika Rose
*Acrylic Landscape Perspectives with speed painter Ania Amador
*Art Therapy with Mel Rose

Visionary Henna with Jennifer Duque.
How to make henna, sacred symbols and designs and body application. Each participant will receive a henna cone to practice.

Learn to make earrings with colored beads and feathers with Astraya Luna. Each guest will leave with a new set of earrings.

The practice of making dolls as a spiritual practice has been found in many cultures all over the world.
Since ancient times dolls have been embodied with healing Protection and as a rights of passage. Join John Moore in the ceremony of creating your personal healing inner child doll. Create an effigy of your personal inner child doll and embody it with the essence of it's healed and true nature.

*Art Church with Veronika Rose in the Glasshouse.

*Sacred Sweat Lodge and tobacco prayer,
lead by Moon Dancer, Drea Silvestri.

*Yoga, Meditation and healing circles and spontaneous/fun workshops.

PRICE: $250 per person

******As of Jan. 13, 2018 everyone who wants to attend needs to call the Hostel in the Forest at (912) 264-9738 and pay a $75 deposit to reserve your spot. The Remaining $175 is paid when arriving to the forest. Cancellation and refundable up to 10 days (April 16) prior to the event.

Those of you who purchased via your tickets are still valid and the Hostel is still expecting you. You will receive an email from Veronika.

Traveling with a friend or small group? The Hostel has rooms that fit up to 4 people. Let the hostel know who will be with you.

Food allergies? Let the hostel know as well.

First time sweat lodge? Check out the link here-

Learn more about the Hostel in the Forest

What to bring-
*While the retreat offers basic supplies, please bring your personal art supplies. *Snacks. There is a kitchen space to use between meals-please label and store in the community fridge if you get hungry in between meals.
*Organic bug spray and flash light.
*Long sleeved items that are light to cover up in case of mosquitos.
*Linens and towels will be provided, you can bring additional blankets.
*Bring items to add to the creativity altar, like crystals, feathers, offerings, tobacco etc.
*Cash to spend at the Hostel, there is a teacher/art gallery vending space with products for sale, or to pay for Hostel Coffee and merchandise.

***Cell phone use is not permitted in the common areas as to respect those who are in meditation and prayer. Please only use them in your lodging areas.

Flying in from out of town? The closest airport is in Jacksonville. The Hostel can make arrangements for your pick up, make sure to tell them far in advance to ensure transportation.

More info coming soon! Stay tuned for schedule and instructor info.

Call the hostel to reserve your room and pay a deposit


Visionary Goddess Retreat

Obsidian Yoni Eggs

These sacred crystal womb healing tools are hand sculpted in Mexico. Selected with the intention of healing, the eggs were then transported by back in a backpack up to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun to be charged with healing energy.