Yoni Egg/ Moon Dance 2016

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Yoni Egg/ Moon Dance 2016


For the past three years I have traveled to the Pyramids near Teotihuacan, Mexico for a gathering of women called Moon Dance. Moon Dance is a sacred prayer to the world consisting of over 250 women who fast and pray for four nights while attending 8 sweat lodges near the Pyramid of the Moon. Once a woman attends four years, she will become a tobacco pipe carrier for the community and lead women's moon lodges. 

During the day in Moon Dance we attend workshops centered around womans health, sacred practices and spirituality. One of the workshops they offer is one of the sacred yoni egg.

The Yoni is the vagina, womb and full reproductive area. Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word known for the vagina as the divine opening and sacred temple.

These eggs were carved by a skilled and intentional obsidian sculptor and hand selected by me. 

These eggs are worn internally by a woman inside her vagina. 

Benefits of continued Yoni egg use;

- Dissolves negative energies

- Helps heal trauma, dissolves negative energies

- Regulates cycles

- Enhances fertility

- Strengthens Kegel muscles

-Heals ancestral wounds


I take pride in collecting these healings tools and offering them to the world. This is a powerful tool to help heal our women in the world and by healing the divine feminine, we heal future generations.  

I hand selected each egg and brought them with me to Moon Dance and then I hiked barefoot to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun with a backpack of eggs to energetically charge and set intention for healing.

Each egg comes in a unique red velvet storage bag and is hand painted by me. You will also receive emailed instructions on how to use the egg.



On top of the Pyramid of the Sun, honoring the pyramid of the Moon with my Moon Dance sisters

 On top of the Pyramid of the sun with my Moon Dance sisters and my backpack full of yoni eggs.

Meditating at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent

Meditating at the Temple of the feathered serpent barefoot with the yoni eggs.

Yoni eggs approximately 3.5-4 cm long. Sample of hand painted red velvet storage bag.



Each red velvet storage bag is hand painted with love from me.