About the art.

Visionary Artist, Healer, Veteran.
Muralist, Painter, Scenic Artist, Curator

"My art is a spiritual practice. Each painting is created and infused with the intention of healing holistically. My artwork is often a channeled vision I receive from many sources; meditation, guides, plant medicines ceremonies, sudden flashes of insight and dreams.

I sell prints of my original paintings and some originals. The prints are scanned and color matched on high quality archival paper with a faux mat and are shipped in a durable tube. Printed with the help of RT-Art based out of Central Florida. 

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Instagram- VeronikaRose1234

Website- www.VeronikaRoseArt.com

Facebook- Veronika Rose Art

 If you have any questions you can send me a personal email to Veronikaroseart@gmail.com