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Visionary Goddess Retreat package at Hostel in the Forest

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Visionary Goddess Retreat 2017.

Visionary painting and spiritual retreat at the beautiful, Hostel in the Forest in Brunswick, Ga.

Ladies, it's time again to come together in celebration of the Visionary Goddess within.

This retreat is for your mind, body and soul. Open to women and feminine spirits.

Art healing and technique classes, sacred spirit cleansing and goddess empowerment workshops. 

Featuring acrylic painting classes by visionary artists,  Toni L Taylor and Veronika Rose
Mixed media/Watercolor frottage class
Silk prayer flag painting class (Batik technique)
Healing Sweat lodge Drea Silvestri
Tobacco prayer with Moon dancers
Gratitude fire ceremony and Flower Banos by John Moore
and more!
Guitar meditation by Val Esperanza Ge
Delicious food prepared by Elena Rosa

$250 includes three nights stay at the Hostel in the Forest. This includes two healthy meals a day (brunch and dinner), all classes and basic art supplies. No experience necessary. 

*****Very important!! Once you pay for the retreat, please call the Hostel at 912-264-9738 to reserve your spot. The beds are on a first come first serve basis. Please tell them of any food allergies and dietary restrictions and if you are participating in the sweat. 

Tell your friends, this retreat will fill up fast! 

What to bring- small, lightweight travel easel for outdoor classes, personal art/painting supplies, pouch of tobacco, crystals and sacred items for the creativity altar, extra blankets, portable water container, natural bug repellent, snacks. (We provide brunch and dinner.) 

If this is the first time at the Hostel please read this!

You will have to bring $5 with you and your I.D. to check in to the hostel and recieve your membership card.

If this is your first sweat lodge, please read this.

You must arrive on Friday evening to settle in and adjust to the energy of the hostel to participate in the sweat, Saturday night. 

The wonderful staff at the Hostel In The Forest will be cooking and supporting the space during your stay. Much gratitude to the hostel for allowing us to return.

Check in Friday, April 7th 12-4PM
Check out Monday April 11th 11AM


Class descriptions- more coming soon!

Nature Spirits painting class- by Toni L Taylor
"I am very inspired by nature, the spirit of Gaia, and I hear her call. I believe she needs our love and attention now more than ever. While the planet may remain, humans are making it more challenging to sustain our presence here in a healthy way. Those of us who care deeply about her are doing what they can to raise more awareness and find ways to heal the damage that's been done. Those of us who hear her voice are speaking on her behalf to those who cannot. As an artist, my voice comes through the mark of a pencil, brushstrokes and the twisting of wire. It is my intention to uplift and inspire. The Hostel in The Forest is filled with nature spirits throughout the air, water and earth.. nymphs, fairies, dryads, ents as well as the winged and many legged little ones. For this creative workshop, we will tune in to let their voice and visage speak through us to bring their portraits to life. I will help to guide you in concept and technique for whatever you chose to create.
I look forward to sharing this timely experience with you!" - Toni Taylor

Shamanic journey painting class, "Art as Medicine," by Veronika Rose
This class begins with a guided shamanic journey to visit the underworld. From here we recieve visions of messages that pertain to our lives and what we need for healing. Veronika then helps you paint these visions on canvas and bring them to life. 

Yoni Egg class/womens healing herbs- by Veronika Rose and Elena Rosa.
Veronika will lead a discussion on the benefits of obsidian yoni eggs and the healing womb benefits and Elena will discuss the benefits of Castor oil packs, vaginal steams and healing herbs. 

Watercolor Frottage class- Here we will experiment with watercolor by creating abstract artwork on watercolor paper. We will then add textures by using various items. Once the paint dries we will then explore the shapes and hidden creatures that magically appear in the painting. We will then highlight and outline these creatures and enhance their presence. This is great for anyone who has never experienced watercolor. 

Music meditation- lead by Val Esperanza Ge
Val will play her hypnotic guitar to lead everyone in a meditative state and relax your soul.

Silk Prayer flag Batik- by Val and Veronika.
Everyone will recievesilk flags to create their personalized prayer flags to hang in their home. We will learn techniques to apply inks and wax to create beautiful pieces of artwork on silk. 

Mayan Fire Ceremony- by John Moore
The Mayan Fire Ceremony is a traditional ceremony which has been performed by our Mayan Elders since ancient times. The fire is ceremonially prepared in layers sweet herbs and offers to invite the four directions and all that is above and below. This design in the shape of the medicine wheel is then set a fire and sweets are offered to the fire to entice the spirits to hear our prayers and our gratitude. It is a Sacred ritual of Unity and Gratitude. A space where our personal and group prayers and gratitude are lifted up by the holy smoke to be heard by Great Spirit. Around the Sacred Fire.
It is a space where all religious and spiritual beliefs are welcome.

Here we focus on our similarities in a safe space where we can present ourselves to Spirit while gratitude and prayers together in Unity.

Flower Banos ceremony by two-spirit John Moore
Preparing a baño floral (flower bath) a is vital healing practice in Peruvian vegetalismo, one that uses the ability of flower to attract and cleanse negative energies, and their powerful magic. Charged with the intention of the curandero, they can change one’s fortune in love or in business, often having remarkably quick and unexpected results! Preparation involves immersing the plants into a large basin of water, sweet and pungent smelling plants
The baths are taken while facing the direction of the sun and then facing the direction of the moon. The released negative energy is borne away by the energetic rush of the water.

Artist Bios-
Toni L. Taylor is an artist whose work travels through the realms of fantasy and mysticism. She feels a special kinship with the mysteries of Ancient Egypt as well as the spirit of Native America. Goddess imagery is represented powerfully in her collection and as a lover of all things celestial, the beauty and limitlessness of the Cosmos often finds its way into her paintings. Toni's creative history includes fine art, murals, commercial illustration, scenic painting and creating wire sculptures representing spirits of nature. She says of her work, 'When people view my creations, I want them to feel like they’re taking a bit of a vacation from perceived reality while tapping into the ethereal and otherworldly'.'Having had no formal training, Toni considers herself ‘life taught' and her gift a blessing from the Divine Creator.

Her professional career began in 1985 with a cover for Heavy Metal Magazine, a division of National Lampoon, of which she was an avid collector. Since then she’s worked with various clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Creative Kingdoms, Miller Brewing Company, Marvel Comics, Black Enterprise Magazine, MBI ~ Easton Press, Inner Traditions ~ Destiny Books, American Kennel Club, U.S. Games, PolyGram, GRP, RCA, EMI and Island Records. She includes portraits and custom murals in her repertoire and has exhibited her work in galleries, conventions and festivals from Boston to Dallas. She is self published with 18 images in print and 24 greeting cards. Toni especially enjoys catering to private collectors.

~ You're welcomed to view more of her work in the link below ~
C: 407~515~0885

John Moore- Dual spirit
John Moore has been a student and practitioner of Shamanic Earth and Nature practices for almost 30 years. Finding early roots in Celtic studies before they were a popular subject for writers.
John took a special interest in Women's mysteries, finding them a source of so much hidden history.

Always having an interest in South American mysticism it was no surprise when in 2007 he found his heart studying the Andean medicine work and becoming a mesa carrier. For the next 5 years he followed his teacher to further study and assist in teaching the work. During these 5 years he found himself traveling to study at 17,000 feet on the Ausangate in the Andes and in the jungle of the Amazon. 

John is one of two men to be invited to do the Moon Dance (an all women dance) at Teotihuacan in Mexico were he is a pipe carrier in the Aztec tradition. 

Currently, John is a facilitator of several workshops, a leader or community ceremonies and a spiritual advisor for his community.